Generators of Hope

With millions of Ukrainians having been left without electricity, the European Parliament has joined forces with Eurocities, the network of Europe's more than 200 largest cities, to launch the Generators of Hope campaign.

The campaign calls on cities to donate power generators and transformers to help Ukrainians get through the harsh winter ahead.

These generators will help to keep essential facilities in the country running, providing energy to hospitals, schools, water supply facilities, relief centres, shelters, phone masts and more.

As a result of Russia's war against Ukraine and its continuing attacks on critical civilian infrastructure, which violate international and humanitarian law, more than half of Ukraine´s electricity network has been damaged or destroyed, leaving more than 10 million Ukrainians without electricity.

How it works

EU cities that have generators, transformers and spare parts of electricity networks* to donate can contact their national civil protection authorities. The equipment will then be transported to one of three hubs in the EU under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Ukraine can then decide where the equipment is most urgently needed within the country and they will then be taken from one of the hubs to their final destination.

* Ukrainian authorities have submitted a list of the equipment needed to replace damaged goods, such as generators (from less than 10 kW to more than 300 kW), heating centres, transformers, autotransformers, current and voltage transformers, reactors, circuit breakers, disconnectors, surge arresters, batteries, as well as relay protection and emergency automatics products.

Parliament donates generator to Ukraine

The European Parliament has donated a generator as part of the Generators of Hope campaign to help Ukrainians get through the winter.

The 325 kVA generator that is being donated is enough to provide electricity for a middle-sized building, such as a school or an administrative office.

The donation was announced in Brussels on 8 December 2022.

For more details, check out the article on the donation.

Campaign stickers

Above are two images that donors could consider printing and attaching to the generators or their packaging they are donating.